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After years of having a pool, I could tell that it really needed a little tender loving care. I started talking with different pool contractors, and I was able to find a professional who could help. He worked with me to completely renovate the entire deck that surrounded the pool, and then he even helped me to balance the chemicals. I was really impressed with how much better things became, and after it was finished I felt like my pool looked brand new. I wanted to start a new website all about creating a gorgeous pool, because I know how much of a difference a great backyard can make.


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How To Troubleshoot And Repair Your Swimming Pool Pump

The pump on your swimming pool helps pull in water to be sent to the filter, cleaned and sent back to your pool. If your pump isn't working properly, it could cause your pump to overheat and your filter to fail as well. This can mean a big repair bill or replacement bill for you if you aren't careful. If you notice your pump isn't working properly it's important to troubleshoot it and get it working properly. Read on for tips to troubleshoot and repair your pool pump.

Leaky Pump

A leaky pump can cause you to lose quite a bit of water, not to mention you won't have the right suction in order to get water into the pump. If your pump is leaking, turn the pump off and check that the lid is on tight. If that isn't the case, check the o-ring to be sure it isn't dry rotted. Also, check the threads on the lid, and to see if it needs to be greased. 

A leak coming from the hose may be due to a bad hose clamp or a broken hose. Check these and replace either if they are broken or bad.

No Water Being Pulled

If water isn't being pulled into the pump, it can blow up. Check that the skimmer basket isn't too full. If it is the water will not be able to make its way to the pump. Turn off the pump and empty the skimmer basket. Be sure to check the skimmer basket each day or every other day. Leaves, bugs and other debris can get sucked into the skimmer basket and stop any water from getting to the pump. 

If the water level is too low the pump will not be able to pull any water. Raise the water level in your pool by adding water from the hose.

The Pump Isn't Turning On

If the pump isn't even turning on it could be a few different things.

  1. First, check that the interior filter is clear. If it is too full, the pump may not turn on.
  2. If the filter was clear, then check that the pump is plugged in.
  3. If that wasn't the issue, then use a multimeter and check that the outlet is working properly.
  4. If it isn't the plug or the outlet, then there may be an electrical issue with the pump itself. If this is the case, you can call a pool repair company to see if they can repair your pump for you.

Your pump is a necessary part of your swimming pool. Ensure it is working properly to help keep your pool clean and clear. For more information, contact your local swimming pool repair service.