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After years of having a pool, I could tell that it really needed a little tender loving care. I started talking with different pool contractors, and I was able to find a professional who could help. He worked with me to completely renovate the entire deck that surrounded the pool, and then he even helped me to balance the chemicals. I was really impressed with how much better things became, and after it was finished I felt like my pool looked brand new. I wanted to start a new website all about creating a gorgeous pool, because I know how much of a difference a great backyard can make.


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4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your New Hot Tub

If you just got a hot tub for the first time, you need to learn how to take care of your hot tub to ensure that it lasts. It may be a good idea to hire a company to service your hot tub for you, but it always helps to have a basic idea of how to take care of your hot tub on your own.

Clean the Filter

There are two different locations where the spa filter may be located in your hot tub. It may be literally under the top of the little skimmer basket that floats around inside of your hot tub as you use it. Or it may be inside of the little tank that you can access by opening up the side spa panel on your hot tub.

If the filter is in the side panel, you may need to remove a bolt that holds the filter in place. If the filter is floating around, you may just have to take the top off the skimmer in order to access the filter.

Once you take the filter out, you can usually clean the filter using some water. You can rinse the filter off with a hose or in the sink in your home. You generally don't need to use soap on the filter, just rinse it off to clean it.

Clean the filter off at least once a month.

Skim the Spa

Before you get into your hot tub, you should take a skimmer net and use it to remove any debris that has gotten into the spa. When you get out of the spa, and are done using it for the day, use the skimmer net again to remove any debris that may have gotten into the spa while you were using it.

Air Out the Cover

If you want your spa cover to last, you need to make sure that you air it out. You should take the cover off of your spa at least twice a week for a few hours. This will allow the cover to break and for the moisture to evaporate from the cover.

If you are not using your spa at least two times a week, make sure that still take the time to remove the cover for a few hours at least twice a week. If you find the cover difficult to remove, invest in a spa cover lifter.

Add Water

Finally, keep an eye on the water line for the spa. You want to keep the water line at or above the skinner intake. You don't want to overflow the spa, but you don't want the water levels getting too low. When you take off the cover twice a week, check the water levels, and if it ever gets low, add some extra water. You may need to add more water after a lot of people use the spa and water gets splashed out, and after the spa has sat without being used for long periods of time.

These are just a few basic ways to take care of your new hot tub. You also need to make sure that you keep the chemicals balanced in your hot tub. Work with a hot tub professional to learn how to take the best possible care of your hot tub.